SEO for beginners – 15 ways to make Google love your website 💕

It’s easy to become confounded when thinking about SEO, but there’s a lot you can do without any expert SEO knowledge. 

Below I’ve compiled 15+ tips to help everyone from small one man bands to multi-national companies improve on their SEO efforts.

These SEO tips for beginners are simple and easy to implement, without the need for a degree is marketing or coding.

Content is king

If time is precious and want to know whats the best thing to focus your time on, it has to be content! Content is what drives the internet and Google loves it. But it can’t be any content.. It has to be good content that people what to read and hopefully share. If your content is good enough and people show they love it by sharing it all over social media, then your hit SEO gold. Google will reward your amazing content by  pushing you up the rankings. It isn’t easy to make and you won’t hit the jackpot every time, but if you research your topic and try to add to it, maybe revisit it every few weeks to see what can be added, you might just do it.

Write longer, deeper content

Like i said above, Google loves content., but don’t be thinking a few lines of text is going to be breaking any records for traffic. Can you really explain a topic in 200 words? Google thinks not. So look to hit 500 – 1000 words

Don’t copy, Make better

Now we know Google loves content and its lovely and long, so this might start to think about borrowing someone else’s content… Don’t! Google knows and sees everything, and doesn’t like it. Why would Google show your content if its just been copied, they will just show the original.. unless you can make it better! If you find a piece of content that’s 500 words long and is being shared loads and getting loads of links, think to yourself, Can i make this better? If you can do it.

Set up all the social profiles

This is a really easy one. To gain some free backlinks to your site. Spend 30mins and fill out all the details possible for all the major social networks. So Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc etc  Even though these links are NOFollow, they still build a connection and tie for Google to think that you are something!

Use Simple URLs

URLs are often overlooked but are incredibly important for SEO and usability. Sometimes it’s the first thing people will see of your website, so you need to make sure it looks pretty. Ask yourself, Would I know what this page is about just from reading the URL, if you can’t, then re-write it. Try adding the main keyword you’re trying to focus the page on and try and keep it sort, under 70 characters if possible.

Think keyphrases, not keywords

Google has tried to move people away from

1 page, 1 topic

To be able to maximise the impact of a page, try and focus the page on one topic. These will allow the page to be far more focused and hopefully be ranked for multiple search terms. So for example, if your page is taking about doughnuts, keep in on point using words and synonyms like doughnuts, dough, sugar coated, cream filled and any other words connect to that topic. It wouldn’t make any sense to the user and especially Google if you mentioned ‘car tyres’ within the page copy.

Name all your image files

Google can’t see images, all it see’s is the code which makes up the images. So why not help Google to understand what the image is. Remove any non-meaningful characters and call the file what its about, So if its a photo of the Eiffel Tower, call it Eiffel-Tower-Paris.jpg

Use ALT tags

Slim down your images

Update your site regularly

Get a Sitemap

Think User, not Robot

Link to your own

Localise your content

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